Culture Hustlers

Culture Hustlers is an interview podcast located at the intersection of art and business. BFA/MBA Lucas Spivey hosts the show from inside the Mobile Incubator, a ‘57 Shasta camper towed by a ‘73 Canadian ambulance. He talks with artists, performers, writers, designers, and other cultural entrepreneurs about how they hack their living by selling culture.

Millions of moonlighters have attempted side hustles in arts, culture, and design, only to stumble and give up. Culture Hustlers is for anyone who desires to be an artist, start their own business, or be inspired by a road-trip survey of unique, ambitious endeavors.

Lucas was born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin, Alaska, Georgia, and South Carolina. He’s a long-time resident of Washington State but is currently based in Boston, where he interviews, showcases, and coaches artists to succeed in business.

Culture Hustlers is edited and produced by Axi Berman, the former host of a sports talk program called Basketball Einstein, known for dissecting the Boston-Philadelphia sports rivalry live on air.


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