Hub & Spoke Podcast Audio Boston

The faster a bicycle wheel spins, the more stable it becomes. We're a group of independent producers who mostly started out using other ways to transport our audiences, but who've come to believe that audio storytelling offers a great ride too. We've teamed up to build rotational velocity and help each of our shows go farther.

In New England, radio and podcasting are supported by wonderful institutions such as WGBH, WBUR, Atlantic Public Media, NHPR, and PRX. We're huge public media fans, and we love working in one of the world's audio meccas. But for the most part, we're not insiders. We're convinced that by tapping into skills, communities, and experiences outside public media, audio storytelling has enormous room to grow and become more inclusive. 

Hub & Spoke is a multilayered name that refers to

  1. A famous remark by Oliver Wendell Holmes, who, in his 1858 book “The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table,” called the Massachusetts State House in Boston "the hub of the solar system"

  2. Spoken-word audio storytelling, our chosen medium

  3. The architecture of the collective, with a "hub" of founding shows based in Boston and a growing set of member shows based in other "spoke" cities.

We stand for great storytelling built around strong ideas, with compelling hosts, high production quality, and skillful sound design. We support one another through co-promotion and a free exchange of editing and business advice and professional (and emotional!) support. We take inspiration from the success of pioneering podcast collectives such as Radiotopia.